JOULES – a wonderfully whimsical English collection has been dazzling their customers for 8 years in the U.S. and since 1989 in England. Joules has over 130 stores in Europe.  The collection if filled with easy to wear dresses, tops, bottoms, rainwear and  Wellies- rainboots! Priced extremely well Joules is fast becoming a mainstay in stores throughout the U.S.  It is a “happy” purchase – fun to wear and an affordable price.
Sizes available- Clothing- U.S. sizes- 2-16; Wellies- U.S. sizes 5-10 ( whole sizes only)
Designed in England
Shipped within the U.S. from Boston, Mass
Factor- CIT Factors
Joules sells out very very fast so you must get your orders in asap!  We DO try to offer some reordering so always ask – just can’t promise