KLA (Karen L. Anderson) is a representation agency specializing in designer and contemporary collections that are “rich in value”, “easy to understand”, “ offer a comfortable, casual life-style”, and appeal to women from 30-75.  KLA has been an established showroom since 1991.

Specializing in sales, brand development and merchandising, KLA has forged a wonderful account base of the best specialty stores, chains and catalogs throughout the U.S.  “We believe that our success and endurance has come from our love for the business and our terrific relationships that have developed within our accounts.”  “We love traveling the territory, working with each store in their specific environment as well as offering them a terrific presentation and expertise within our Los Angeles showroom.”.  We aim to help each account with efficiency and always with a friendly, eager-to-help attitude.

The KLA Showroom prides itself in seeking out collections with features of novelty, quality, and salability. We look for “fashion trends”, ever so creative “twists of fashion” and also stay true to the clean, classics as well.

Karen and her staff look forward to helping you!

Please call anytime: 213-622-7447